DixieVR (Graduation project) [2016]

Graduation project (2016)
With Mathieu Venot (http://mathieuvenot.com/)


DixieVR – Immersive Multi-User Simulation for Architectural Conception

Virtual reality as well as all the immersive technologies that are being developed for more than fifty years are now becoming viable and accessible to everyone. Starting from that idea, it seems essential today to build a reflexion around the potentialities that this media offers to architecture. So far, virtual reality was mainly limited to virtual tour. However, the act of immersing the body of an operator at the heart of a simulation, giving him the ability of perceiving real scale volumes and to interact in an intuitive way with a model, with or without other operators in that same shared virtual space, opens a mighty horizon of possibilities for architectural conception. DixieVR is about developing a set of software tools meant to engage this paradigm shift orienting architectural conception toward questions about perception, interaction and cooperation.


The following images are screen captures of DixieVR, showing mostly 3D models built in cooperation by serveral immersed operators in a very short amount of time (15 minutes – 2 hours). All images are calculated in real-time, there is no rendering.