Osaka Umekita Area competition[EZCT Internship 2013]

CREDITS : EZCT Architecture & Design Research (Philippe Morel & Felix Agid)

Invitation of Proposals from Private Sector concerning Development of Second Zone in Umekita Area

“Our design proposal, which consists of a super light and large concrete lattice-based superstructure, is based on the development and use of a research first presented at Archilab 2013 in FRAC Centre (Orléans, France). This research entitled Research on Recursive Lattices combines the use of 3D-printed sand casts and ultra-high performance fibre-reinforced concrete (UHPC). We believe that the development and application of such a structural system will allow everyday users and occasional visitors of our park and building to experience novel feelings. We want these feelings to be based on the association of some wilderness with knowledge based practices. Our park is separated in a wild part at the North and an engineered one at the south of the East-West road axis. The building itself is conceived as an open space (most of the program is to be accurately defined in future phases) partially enclosed and partially open. Its design, based on super
fine concrete lattices of variable lengths, strengths and visual aspects, is consciously continuous and homogenous in its structural principle.”

– Text from the final layout, EZCT 2013