Li(s)quid light [WAO Internship 2013]

CREDITS : WAO Architecture (Minh Man Nguyen & Clément Duroselle)
Philips Social light competition entry

The project is composed by repetitive urban furniture which has to provide light and offer socialization spaces. The strip is ergonomic and revolves along the way aimed to create a variation of forms and several use possibilities as seat, shelter or wall, therefore everyone has the opportunity to use it in the way they like. Several simple and elegant cubes, plugged in the stripe, diffuse a soft and bioluminescent light generated by a biologic reaction of bacterias feed by methane. They work like refillable solar captors, storing solar energy during the day and illuminating the street at night. It is possible to take off this lighting source of its place but it remains linked by an alimentation cable. As the cube remains tempered, everyone can take it and play with it. The flexibility of the system allows everyone to create spaces delimited by the cubes or within the enlightened area.

*inspired by Philips BioLight ™ technology